Znowu Gelgor

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An album of the Belovezha Forest and the Imperial visit of Nicholas II by L. Gelgor Grodno', 1912 Rectangular, containing 30 photographs mounted within 15 pages, bound in green canvas, the upper cover titled in Russian 'Views of the Belovezha 1912', illustrating the Imperial family's visits, the hunting lodge and seasonal views of the woodland and fauna in the Belovezha Forest,
signed in Cyrillic on the upper corner of the first page 18. 5 in. (21.7 cm.) long This album illustrates the last major Imperial hunt at Belovezha in 1912. Known as Belavezhskaya-Pushcha, this ancient forest is located in the border region spanning Belarus and Poland. It is one of the largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest which once spread across the European plain and is the only remaining native habitat of the European bison.

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